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Enjoy our catering service customizable to fit your next event!

Our Party Rooms Accommodate 15-65 People:
$50 Administration Fee will be added to your bill.


Victorian Room                                                      15-24 Adlt Min
Fireplace Room                                                      20-25 Adlt Min
Garden Room                                                          25-30 Adlt Min
Loft (Upstairs)                                                       40-65 Adlt Min
Fireplace/Victorian                                               40-65 Adlt Min


Final Payment For Party MUST Be In Cash. A Non-Refundable $200 Deposit is required. Garden Grill reserves the right to change rooms depending on size of parties. Additional Hour +$200. Additional Parking at Library.

View Our  Off-Premise Catering Menu


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Off Premise Catering
On Premise Catering
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